Update – 5/26/20

  • There will be NO court on June 30. If that’s the court date on your citation, you do NOT need to go as court will be closed. You may or may not get another court date in the mail. See info below.
  • If you were arrested in Oakland on June 1 or in San Francisco on June 3 for violating the curfew, or other minor, non-property non-violent charges, the DAs have said that you will NOT be charged. You can verify this by calling the DA’s office (You do NOT need to answer other questions):
    • Alameda (510) 272-6222
    • SF – (628) 652-4000
  • If you get another court date or find out that you have charges, please call or email the NLG for help: 415-909-4NLG or demonstrations@nlgsf.org
  • Other arrestees – check back here for more updates!